About the Author

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I wrote my first “book” when I was seven. Lorena Lorenson, Student Nurse was possibly a bit derivative (I was deeply into Cherry Ames at the time), but I was hooked. I’ve been writing ever since, although I took a few detours along the way, working for the CIA, on Wall Street, and in academia before finally allowing myself to write full-time. I’m a native New Yorker, mother of four, and Granny to four baby girls and one lone boy — all under the age of four! I’m an obsessive reader with two fully-loaded Kindles and have published widely on international finance, but much prefer to write books that my friends and I would devour on the beach. My husband and I are ruled by two hideously spoiled Siamese cats, and divide our time between Brookline, MA and my true homeplace of Cape Cod.

Quote of the day:

“A writer didn’t need ‘an’ idea for a book; she needed at least forty.” Jacqueline Kirby

What’s next?

I’m working on a new book called Hey, Jules about a woman with deep secrets, the mysterious man who ferrets them out, and their link to the long-lost baby of Queen Katherine Parr — the one who survived Henry VIII.

What I’m reading:

The Last Tudor, by Philippa Gregory
The Orphan’s Tale, by Pam Jenoff
The Painted Queen, by Elizabeth Peters and Joan Hess
A Terrible Beauty, by Tasha Alexander
Three Wishes, by Liane Moriarty