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 I’m not allowed to have Diet Coke. My grandmamma, the Countess of Stamford, says that soda rots your teeth and diet soda is only for the weak-minded.

 There were several other women, clumped in small groups, mostly much lumpier than the svelte exercisers that I was used to.   In New York, only the thin and the emaciated were allowed into the elite aerobics classes.

 The children introduced their mothers (and the one hapless father). When it was Henry’s turn, he stood up. ‘My mummy died when I was born. This is Jordy, who lives with us and takes care of us. Her daddy died when she was little. She says the F-word. She and my daddy yell at each other a lot.’ He sat down to amused glances from around the room. ‘Sounds like a proper marriage,’ one woman murmured behind me, and several laughed.

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A fish out of water story as Jordy, a New York investment banker, having fled New York before being indicted; finds herself hiding out in the English Cotswold’s while renting a cottage on the grounds of a widowed English lord (Lord John the Icy) and his four unruly children. Jordy finds herself assuming the role of the children’s nanny by default, then finds herself assuming many more roles for the family while unwittingly unraveling over 500 years of the family’s history and quietly untangling many of the family’s issues. Her misadventures were cunningly amusing and highly entertaining. The writing was delightfully observant, humorous, and engaging – with considerable cleverness and wry humor in the narrative as well as within the subtext. The plot was smartly crafted and well-paced. I hope to enjoy this author’s work again and again.


Uber Conversations

Anyone have an interesting conversation with an Uber driver and want to share it? My Uber drivers seem to be a mini-United Nations with amazing life stories and insights; yesterday I rode with a guy who was still waiting to hear from his aunt after the Haitian hurricane. Let me know about your Uber conversations!.2008_07_16_-_6009_-_college_park_-_i95-495_3293505133


Check our for a feature on Nannyland and some Q and A with me on my writing life! An excerpt:
Q: Which book would you love to take a weekend vacation inside of?
A. It’s not a book, but a movie and Broadway play – Mamma Mia. I want to vacation (actually, live) on that sun-splashed Greek island with its aromatic olive trees and glorious beaches. I want to be part of the Dancing Queen chorus line that sings and dances its way through the village, and I want Pierce Brosnan to sing to me in his laughably awful voice.

I admit it, I am a booknerd. I love books: the feel, the smell, everything. I love to talk about books, search for books and collect books. It is one of my few passions. I like to share the gift of a good read with others, so I started this blog. I marvel at…

Upcoming Author Talks

Upcoming Author Talks


Saturday, October 15th, 11 AM – Noon at the Centerville Library, 585 Main St, Centerville MA (on beautiful Cape Cod)

Topic: The Debut Novel – From 16th Century Research to Online Publishing


Saturday, November 19th, 11 AM – Noon at Queset House, 51 Main St, Easton MA

Presented by the Ames Free Library in honor of National Novel Writing Month.

Topic: The Debut Novel – From 16th Century Research to Online Publishing

Motivation Thursday!

Motivation Thursday: Do you know how many rejections the Beatles got before they finally signed with their first record label? They failed one audition on New Year’s Day 1962 because the record exec thought that “guitar groups” were on their way out and the Beatles had no future in the music industry. Brian Epstein had to beg and grovel to get basement hovels for them to play in — and The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, struggled for three years after Columbia Records signed him, to gain a following.

So for all of us who are out there struggling to accomplish a dream, to achieve something meaningful — remember, it can happen if you work hard enough to make it happen!

Jane Hughes Nannyland's photo.
Jane Hughes Nannyland's photo.

Ideas, Forks, and Hope

So, lately, people have been asking me how I get the ideas for my books. What made me decide to re-imagine the story of Lady Jane Grey, Queen for Nine Days in 1553, for my novel Nannyland? And how did I think of finding a descendant of Queen Katherine Parr’s long-lost baby daughter for my upcoming novel, Hey, Jules? Here’s what one of my very favorite authors has to say about that:

“An author didn’t need ‘an’ idea for a book; she needed at least forty. And ‘get’ was the wrong word, implying that you received an idea as you would a gift. You didn’t get ideas. You smelled them out, tracked them down, wrestled them into submission; you pursued them with forks and hope, and if you were lucky enough to catch one you impaled it, with the forks, before the sneaky little devil could get away.” — Jacqueline Kirby, in Naked Once More, by Elizabeth Peterscontent 120px-assorted_forks

Richard III: In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Remember before God, Richard III, King of England, and those who fell at Bosworth Field, having kept faith, 22nd August 1485. Loyaulte me lie.


Please join me and my friends in the Richard III Society to remember this King today, who died in defense of his crown and his country – and whose niece was great-granddaughter to Lady Jane Grey!